According to a Publicist, This Is What Ruins Your Personal Brand

Nicole Singh

You could argue that personal branding goes hand-in-hand with your career these days (depending on the industry, of course.) However, when we think of personal branding, according to former celebrity publicist turned writer, Carlii Lyon, it requires so much more thought than a pretty Instagram picture, or quippy tweet: It takes strategy.

Sure, social media can definitely help you or your business, but unfortunately for some, it has also played a role in harming their chances. “In the ever-changing world we live in, your personal brand can be one of the greatest assets you take with you wherever you go. You have the ability to stand out, be seen and heard for who you are. You can share your achievements and the very things that make you unique. This can result in expanding your sphere of influence and being open to opportunities that would otherwise not have existed.” Lyon explains.

Boosting the profiles of leading supermodels and New York Times bestselling authors, Lyon has spent over 15 years shaping peoples personal brands, and below she’s given us four things not to do when working on your branding. Read on for Lyons tips.

#1: Listen to your ‘Inner Fraud’

"We all have a little voice inside our head that tells us we are not good enough, that we don’t know what we are doing and we should just keep a low profile" Lyon shares. "The last thing you should do when building your personal brand is listen to that voice. If you think it goes away once you become more successful, you are unfortunately wrong. Do a simple Google search online of ‘celebrities and Imposter Syndrome’ and be prepared to be amazed. That little voice is there to keep our ego in check, and it can be a little overprotective at times. Accept it for what it is and live your best life in spite of it."

#2: Copy others

"When it comes to marketing and personal brand building, the word 'authentic' is overused for a very good reason. For a personal brand to really make its mark, it needs to be authentic. Excuse me if I sound esoteric, but you are one in seven billion. There is no one like you and that is something to celebrate, promote and be proud of. What is right for others is not necessarily right for you."

#3: think you need to be a certain way

"I have always been a rebel at heart and I have never liked the word ‘should’. If you find yourself ever saying that please beware. When it comes to personal branding it is all about you and what you ‘want’ to share with the world. I am not suggesting you go against the company NDA you signed (if you signed one). I understand there are parameters of what you can and cannot share when you work for someone else. What I am referring to here is thinking you need to sound or be seen a certain way. You are the boss of your personal brand; create your own rules when it comes to tone, style, colour and content."

#4: Think short term

"Creating a personal brand is a long-term activity. It is about where you want to go as opposed to where you are right now. Having a vision for your future allows you to shape your personal brand to work to your advantage. You are your greatest asset in life and the only thing you will have until the end. As a former international celebrity publicist, trust me when I say what goes online, stays online. Do things today that your future self will be grateful for."

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