How to Boost Your Productivity This Year by Improving Your Work Fitness

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

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It's not unusual for many of us to devote up to 10 hours each day sitting and working away at our desks, day-in and day-out, so it’s crucial that we look after ourselves to ensure we remain as productive, positive, and healthy as possible at the office. Introducing: Work fitness. SMH Life & Style reveals five important mental and physical shifts you can make to become work-fit—and trust us, you want to be as work-fit as you are boot-camp fit! Read on to make your long days in the office more efficient, enjoyable, and comfortable.

Drink more 

It may seem obvious, but we all know how easily our busy days can deter our attention from the two litres of water we planned on drinking every day. "One of the contributing factors to a dip in mood and energy levels is due to dehydration—making it hard to focus on the task at hand," Medibank medical director Dr Kevin Cheng told SMH Life & Style. Buy yourself a pretty water jug and place it in close sight so you have a constant reminder.

Meet up

A simple and effective way to keep active during your days in the office is to stand up when taking phones calls and adopt the walking meetings trend—rather than opting for a conference room, take a quick stroll around the block with a colleague. "A recent study found that replacing sedentary behaviour with walking or moderate-to-vigorous physical activity significantly reduced the mortality risk for adults aged 45 and above," adds Cheng. "So, consider taking a walking meeting with colleagues, a standing brainstorm or even taking the long-route to the printer or water cooler."

Get a sit-stand desk

SMH Life & Style reported that new research from the University of Sydney found that replacing one hour of sitting a day with one hour of standing decreased the chance of an early death by about 14 per cent. The answer? A sit-stand desk. Simple! "Regularly moving between sitting and standing takes the load off your back, increases your metabolism and helps boost your concentration,” Happy Body At Work founder and director Anna-Louise Bouvier​ told SMH Life & Style.

Read the final two ways you can become more work-fit at SMH Life&Style and follow them on Twitter.

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