The Simple and Surprising Ways to Boost Your Creativity at Work

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


Feeling stuck in a creative rut that you’re finding tricky to pull yourself out of? We certainly know the feeling. Creativity lies within each of us every minute of every day, but sometimes we just need to to know the trigger to kickstart it. The good news? That trigger can be very simple. Huffington Post Australia has revealed the best—and easiest—ways to boost creativity in a flash. Yes, please! Read on to find out how to get those juices flowing.

Go for a walk

A recent study from Stanford University found that people who went for a walk significantly increased their creativity over people who continued to sit down. Taking a brisk walk isn’t just great physically, but also mentally. Win, win!

Overseas travel

Cultural and diverse experiences encourage you look at things from other and new perspectives, it stimulates innovation, and prompts flexible thinking. The takeaway? This year’s European summer vacation is completely beneficial for our careers!

Get a hobby

Fun fact: a study recently found that people who engage in creative hobbies outside their job also have better problem solving skills on the job, plus they open up your mind in new and unexpected ways. Looks like it’s time to book into a weaving class, or finally take that floristry class you’ve been dreaming of.

Head to Huffington Post Australia to find out the other simple and genius ways to increase your creativity.

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