5 Successful Executives Reveal Their Most Effective Productivity Hacks

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As a new year commences, we are all about re-introducing a healthy lifestyle, setting goals for the year ahead, and organising the spaces around us so we can begin 2017 with a clean slate. In addition, we also want to kick off our year in the office with intent, motivation, and efficiency—hello, productivity hacks (that actually work).

Successful executives who have achieved impressive results and accomplishments in their lives revealed to Business Insider Australia their most effective and most used productivity hacks, so we can do the same. The best part? You can apply these to every part of your life. Scroll on for the life-changing productivity hacks that you need to adopt—stat.

Post reminders everywhere

“I use sticky notes and paste them everywhere to remind me to get things done. Managing multiple companies and investments, I sometimes forget to do the simple things. Try this for one week: Write important reminders on sticky notes and paste them everywhere. Watch your productivity and results skyrocket.” — Com Mirza, CEO of Fitness Expo Dubai and “The $500 Million Man”.

 Always ask for exactly what you want

“This has single-handedly transformed my business and relationships: I clearly ask for exactly what I want. You’re thinking, 'That’s what I do.' But we don’t. We don’t ask for what we want; we ask for what we think is possible. We ask for what we feel we deserve. We ask for what we believe the market will bear. We’re afraid that if we ask for what we want and don’t get it, that it means that we aren’t enough—so we settle. You are surrounded by people who genuinely want to help you, but they don’t know how. Help them help you.”— Chris Plough, entrepreneur advisor and serial entrepreneur.

Block out time to work on a single task

“I block out two to four hours every day to work on the most important thing. I put it on my calendar and let my team know not to disturb me unless it’s super important. My email is closed, my phone is off, and I do not deviate from working on the one task at hand. When I do this, not only is the quality of work much better because I’m staying focused, but the quantity of work improves as well because distractions are limited and I manage to get more done faster.” — Kong Pham, founder and CEO of Jumpcut Studios.

Hire a virtual assistant

“A virtual assistant can handle a huge number tasks for you, personally and professionally. You can look on Upwork.com and find hundreds of virtual assistants with reviews. If you don’t find the right one for you on the first hire, don’t give up. I found my perfect assistant on my seventh try. In order to train a virtual assistant, start by being very detailed about what you want them to do. I’ve found putting it in writing works best so they can refer back to it. I also often ask them to repeat what I am requesting to ensure we are on the same page.”— Katrina Palandri, co-founder and CFO of AEG Investments.

Schedule every item in your day as a calendar event

“Before you go to sleep, take five minutes to list everything you need to do the next day, then open your calendar and create specific calendar events for those items. This allows you to quickly see if you’re taking on too much, and if you need to delegate, how much time it should take someone else. I do this every single evening and it almost always allows me to get my to-do list completed.” — Scott Oldford, founder of INFINITUS.

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