The One Daily Habit That Will Make You More Productive

Lauren Powell


We know for a fact that our morning routines set the tone for our day ahead. This means that it’s crucial we spend the hour or two after we rise the most effectively we can. From rising early and exercising to devouring a nutritious breakfast and meditating—there are many A.M. habits that are proven to be productivity-inducing—exactly the result we’re aiming for before we tackle our jam-packed days ahead.

But according to the experts, there’s one habit that you must include into your daily routine if you’re looking to increase your productivity: writing out a plan for the day. The plan should always include the short-term goals you want to achieve throughout the day—easy!

In an article for Forbes, Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, founder and CEO at The Fiscal Femme, cited a Dominican University study which found that people who write down their goals tend to be more productive and accomplish more than those who don’t.

In addition, an article for Business Insider, supported this idea by reporting that “People who are successful have a strong habit of writing down every goal they set, along with the date it was achieved. This gives them a record they can use to encourage themselves, while also making the goal seem more concrete.”

In summary: Grab yourself a pen stat, invest in a goals journal, and set aside five minute each morning to jot down your gaols for the day ahead.  

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