Want to Be Happier? Nix This Common Habit From Your Morning Routine

Kelsey Clark


For many, weekday mornings are often riddled with self-inflicted guilt, perpetrated by sub-conscious thoughts such as I can't believe I didn't wake up earlier! or Great! I'm out of gas, and now I'm going to be late. But as Hack Spirit points out, people who consistently wake up happy and start their day on the right foot refrain from morning self-deprecation and guilt. 

"Happy people don't clog up their morning routine with deadlines, strict schedules, and the guilt that comes from not meeting your morning goals," they write. "Keeping your routine simple will start your day off on a stress-free note that will carry you throughout the rest of the day." Imagine what your mornings would be like if you reacted with compassion rather than criticism in the face of these everyday mishaps? 

Instead, they recommend practicing mindfulness each morning, or simply trying to "be present in the here and now," they write. "Happy people make it a point not to drag the stress from the past or worry about the day ahead into their morning routine. Focus on the positives, and your mood will instantly brighten." In other words, forgive yourself for your very human mistakes instead of internally berating yourself, and watch your well-being soar.

Do you succumb to negativity in the mornings? Share your solutions with us below!

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