Charismatic People All Have This One Thing in Common

Kelsey Clark

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Being charismatic is like possessing of a secret weapon; the ability to woo others with your dazzling wit and charm certainly makes winning over friends, potential partners, and co-workers that much easier. Unfortunately, this innate ability to enchant others with your presence and personality doesn't come naturally to everyone.

With that said, this certainly doesn't mean that you can't master some of the tips and tricks associated with this enviable personality trait. For example, New York Magazine recently reported that charismatic people are also the fastest thinkers, with some psychologists believing that charisma is simply "mental quickness."

In a recent episode of the Harvard Business Review's podcast, the hosts quote psychologist William von Hippel, who explains "that speed—how quickly you can process and react in social situations—is one of the key components of charisma." More specifically, being able to respond to something or someone quickly—and with humour or intelligence—can make or break a social interaction and determine how people perceive you.

For example, "If you ask me a difficult question, or we're engaged in social banter—I need to be witty, maybe, or I need to quickly defuse the situation, or I need to put you in your place," explains Von Hippel. "None of which can be accomplished if I take too long. … The speed of our response is critical for an enormous number of the kinds of social interactions we engage in."

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