What It's Really Like to be a Blogger's Agent

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She may have launched her agency only a year ago, but Kat Moses is responsible for some of the most influential talent in Australia. If you’re an Instagram fan and a lover of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content (like the rest of us), it’s highly likely you’ve been exposed to some of Moses’s work without even realising it. The renowned talent agent and founder and director of Sydney-based agency MGMT represents some of our favourite content creators, bloggers, and digital influencers—and she is responsible for their ever-evolving success.

Her impressive portfolio of clients includes the likes of Eleanor Pendleton, the founder of Gritty Pretty, fashion influencer Pepa Mack, travel blogger Madeline Joy Relph, and sought-after model, Tahnee Atkinson, to name just a few. It’s a career we’ve all dreamed about taking up at one point in time (even if only for a split second during an episode of Entourage featuring Ari Gold at his persuasive best), so we decided to find out what it’s really like to be an agent to some of the most influential people in town. Read on to find out what Moses loves about being a talent manager, the most surprising thing about her job, and her best advice for fellow entrepreneurs.  

MYDOMAINE: In civilian terms, how would you describe your job?

KAT MOSES: As an agent to influencers, it's my role to source opportunities, negotiate potential campaign projects with clients in regards to fees and deliverables, ​strategise with the talent on their personal brand, and ensure all existing projects are on track. 

MD: What is the hardest thing about being a talent manager?

KM: Definitely trying to keep both the talent and the client happy. Because the type of talent I manage are their own business and/or brand, I have to ensure that I am staying in line with their aesthetic while also trying to deliver to the needs and wants of the client. 

MD: What do you love most about being a talent manager?

KM: The opportunity to help my talent achieve their goals. I work with my talent on a very collaborative basis rather than confirming projects without their opinions—this has extended our relationships from just business. My favourite part is telling my talent about a win and hearing how excited they are. 

MD: Which talent do you represent?

Eleanor Pendleton 

Pepa Mack 

Jaime Ridge 

Madeline Joy Relph 

Dan Adair 

Natalie Roser 

Molly X

Shihfen Gavala

Tahnee Atkinson

Asha Hogg​

MD: What does an average day look like for you?

KM: No two days are ever the same. I start my morning skimming my unread emails and responding right away to the urgent ones. I then look at the MGMT scheduling system to see if there is anything I need to get in touch with the talent about regarding confirmed jobs. My day is then followed by emails, phone calls, emails, meetings, emails, and maybe an event. 

MD: What elements of your job might surprise people?

KM: When I tell people what my job is they automatically respond with "Wow, it must be so glamorous!" Or my personal favourite, "So you just spend your days scrolling on Instagram?" A lot of my job is in front of a computer quoting, negotiating, or managing existing projects—some days I don't even get a chance to scroll, which can actually impact my job at times. The rest of my time is in meetings with clients. The only thing that is consistently on my mind 24/7 is how to ensure MGMT is ahead of the market. ​

MD: You founded MGMT last year, what advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs look to start their own company?

KM: When I was planning the launch of MGMT, I spoke to successful individuals who I knew that I felt I could trust. It's so easy to take what people say as gospel, however, what I learnt, and the advice I would give to future entrepreneurs, is that there is no one way of doing things. At the end of the day, it's you who has to figure out what is best for your company. And don't be afraid to take risks or fail, soon enough you will become fearless. 

MD: What has been the biggest lesson you've learned from starting your own company?

KM: To let go of control and realise that it's okay to ask for help.

MD: What is your number one piece of career advice?

KM: Work hard and be nice. 

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