The Effective Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Morning Person

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


Is it a given that you’ll hit the snooze button every morning? More than once? Read on. Dragging yourself out of bed every morning doesn’t have to be a continual fight—a few simple and effective hacks from POPSUGAR Australia could be the answer. You might catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise, you won’t be late for work, and you could actually eat breakfast before you walk out the front door—what are you waiting for? Scroll on if you’re ready to call yourself an “early bird” for once if your life.

Drink water

A glass of water first thing will help you wake up and bounce of bed, so place either a glass or water bottle next to your bed and reach for a drink when you wake up.

Relocate your alarm clock

Position your alarm clock on the other side of your room, or outside your door (if you won’t wake your roommates!) so you physically have to get out of bed to turn it off—no brainer!

Skip the coffee and wine

Both caffeine and alcohol stay in your system for some time, resulting in a bad night’s sleep if consumed before bedtime. Opt for a chamomile tea instead.

Invest in an alarm clock that lights up

Say hello to your very own sunrise. Wake Up Bright clock gradually glows brighter and brighter to mimic waking up naturally—genius.

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