How to Trick Yourself Into Being a Morning Person

Dana Covit

First things first: I am not a morning person and probably never will be. In fact, I love nothing more than snuggling into my comforter and reveling in the pure, simple joy of sleep. Even if I’m awake, I have a near impossible time of getting out of the bed without some heavy convincing. I’ll stay in there, tucked deep into those blankets, for hours after my eyes have opened if I’m allowed. But life’s responsibilities (read: others judging me for sleeping until noon, and, alright, a full-time job) have made me take steps to amend my ways. After all, I began telling—er, reminding myself—I actually love the early hours of the day. There is something special about the crisp, dewy air, the softness of morning light, and the quiet hush before the day really gets rolling.

Along my path towards Morning Personhood, I began adopting some simple practices that make getting up and out of bed upon my alarm’s first (yes, first!) sound a little less harrowing. And the good news is, they’re all straightforward enough for even the grumbliest of morning monsters to follow. Read on for nine ways you can trick yourself into being more of a morning person. Watch out, world.

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