Beauty Experts Explain Exactly How to Banish Smile Lines for Good

by Zoe Brown

No wrinkle is worth frowning about. Especially not when you have the knowledge and tools to prevent them. The lines that form around your mouth become etched onto your face over time when you smile, deepening due to loss of collagen and other important elements of our skin as we age. Lustre, firmness, and other invisible factors are lost, but there is a way to get it all back.

MyDomaine picked the brains of two beauty experts to curate a succinct list of treatments for these types of wrinkles. Ryan Christopher has about eight years of experience in the industry and currently serves as the global director of education for Cosmedix. We also consulted the king of glow himself, Matthew Miller, for his expertise on these treatments; he is bi-coastal, travelling between L.A. and New York to treat his clients. Both shared their thoughts on over-the-counter and more serious treatments.

Now, if your plan is to maintain a poker face for the rest of your life, then you probably won’t need the advice of beauty experts on how to get rid of smile lines, as you won’t have any. However, try any of these tips and you will be able to experience true joy.

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