A Florist Reveals the Must-Know Hacks for Longer Lasting Flowers

Lauren Powell

Fresh flowers make a good interior great and turn a house into a home. They add instant colour, polish, and warmth to any space they grace their prettiness with. The only thing we can fault them on? That they don’t last forever—we wish. The good news is they can last *longer* if you know the tricks of the trade.  

To that end we enlisted the help of self-confessed flower aficionados and founders of BLOOMBOX CO, an online florist delivery service for DIY bloom enthusiasts, to enlighten us with their expert floristry secrets. Read on for seven genius hacks for creating long-lasting arrangements like a pro, then channel your inner-florist.

Throw out the rule book

“Flower magic can happen when you go off script. Don’t worry about the rules of thirds, colour wheels or classic pairings—sometimes what technically shouldn’t go together can create the most amazing arrangement of all. Think mixed herbs (like mint and rosemary) and poppies, or romantic trailing ivy, foraged branches, and woody proteas. It’s all about experimenting.”

Get creative with your vases

“Who says you need to use a boring vase? In fact who says you need to use a vase at all? Get creative and pop your blooms in cute teapots, re-purposed candleholders, or old tin cans with a lick of spray paint. Or hang them in a bottle from a hook in your kitchen, popped inside a gumboot or hollowed out pineapple! You're only limited by your imagination.”

Check your levels

“Never, never leave foliage below the water line. Leaves sitting in water begin to decay very quickly, encouraging bacterial growth that as well as just being generally gross can cause blockages and affect your flowers ability to drink up.”

Fresh is best

“You wouldn’t want to drink murky brown water and your flowers don’t either. Change the vase water regularly, trimming the stems down a couple of centimetres each time. If changing the water seems like too much effort just pop your vase, flowers and all, under the tap and flush out old water with new.”

Delicate souls

“If you have super delicate buds (think tulips, dahlias, peonies), it’s worth trimming the stems at an angle with sharp scissors under water to preserve their ability to suck up water. It can make a huge difference to their lifespan.”

Flower kryptonite

“Flowers are very sensitive to a gas called ethylene—a totally smell-less and invisible gas given off by ripening fruit and vegetables. While this is an important process in nature, no one likes early wilting, yellowing and petal drop in the home so keep your blooms well away from your fruit bowl.”

Primp and preen

“Drying blooms and wilting leaves also give off ethylene. Flowers fade at different rates so taking a moment to pull out sad stems or flowers on their last legs doesn’t just make for new Instagram opportunities as you restyle your arrangement, it can help the remaining flowers stay fresh.”

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