How Successful People Spend the First 10 Minutes of Their Workday

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

Mitch Tomlinson and Mitch Ross

We know an effective morning routine is crucial to a productive day ahead, but what you do once you arrive in the office that is equally as important. Business Insider Australia has revealed what successful people do in the first few minutes of their working day to ensure the rest of their workday is an effective one. Read on to make your first 10 minutes in the office count.

They organise their workspace area

As we know, a clear and tidy area allows for more space for clear and creative thoughts. Spend a moment to organise and set-up your desk first thing to avoid wasting time later in the day searching for items you may need.

They review their to-do list and prioritise

Writing your to-do list for the day in order of priority will give you a clear vision for the working day and will allow you to dive into it focused. While priority is important, it’s also a good idea to tackle any daunting or larger tasks first thing when you’re at optimal efficiency.

They strategically check email

Use the first 10 minutes of your day to scan your emails—action anything urgent immediately and prioritise your inbox according to your day head.

They anticipate distractions

We are all faced with distractions each and every day—taking a moment to anticipate them and deal with them, or acknowledge them first thing, has the potential to create a smoother and less-interrupted working day.

They take time to greet their team

No matter your position in your team—whether you’re a manager or junior—taking the time to happily greet your colleagues first thing will make the workplace more pleasant for the day ahead.

To find out other ways successful people commence their working day, head to Business Insider Australia and then shop your favourite books for more career inspiration.

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