5 Sleep Habits That Are Secretly Messing With Your Brain Health

We all know how important sleep hygiene is, but that doesn’t mean we actually follow the recommendations set forth by experts to a tee. In fact, most people do all kinds of things that mess with their sleep habits, from lying in the dark with a smartphone in hand to having a glass of wine right before bed, even though they know that they’re not supposed to be doing it.

But what if you knew that your nighttime routine was actually having a negative impact on your brain health? According to sleep experts, what you do between the sheets could have a major impact on how your mind functions—and we don’t mean that in a fun way. Yes, anything that messes with your sleep quality is bad for your brain, too.

Struggling to get a good night's sleep? These are the most common nightly routine mistakes that impact brain health, plus how to remedy them. 

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