This New York-Based Model’s Morning Routine Is Enviable

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

While there are many local beauties making waves in the Big Apple, Gabby Westbrook-Patrick is one to watch. At just 20, the New Zealand-born, Australian-raised model has already graced the cover of ELLE Australia, been a vision on the fashion pages of Harper’s BAZAAR Australia and RUSSH, and has been a runway show-stopper for some of the biggest players in the business such as ZimmermannRalph Lauren, and Dolce & Gabbana. So how does she gear herself up for successful days in front of the camera day-after-day? We found out. Read on to find out how this New York-based model starts her busy, unpredictable days.  

7.00 a.m. My alarm goes off, but I usually wake up naturally just minutes before. If I can afford the time, I stay in bed for the next 10 minutes checking emails, replying to messages from Australia, and scrolling through social media.

7.10 a.m. I wash my face with a soft cleanser, my favourite is Ultraceauticals Ultra Balancing Cleansing Gel and then moisturise with La Mer Daily Moisturizing Lotion. It has SPF in it so I make sure it’s part of my morning skincare routine everyday. I brush my teeth, brush my hair, and throw it up in a top knot. I don’t have to think about hair and make-up on the days that I’m working, so I keep it simple.

7.20 a.m. Jeans with a T-shirt is my go to look—it’s classic but easy-going, and I can dress it up after work if I’m meeting a friend for dinner.

7.30 a.m. I head to the studio by foot if I can, otherwise I’ll take a car. I live right by a juice bar, so I’ll grab an organic cold-pressed juice on the way—my favourite kind of juice is anything that’s green, but doesn’t taste like it. 

8.00 a.m. I arrive at the studio and introduce myself to new faces and catch up with familiar faces. Most studios are catered so before I start with hair and make-up, I’ll have some breakfast with the team, and go through the references for the shoot.

8.30 a.m. Hair and make-up usually takes a couple of hours depending on the look, so I like to use this time to reply to my emails, read my book, or listen to music and relax.

10.30 a.m. I’m in my first look for the day, on set, and ready to start shooting. My days are always unpredictable, but incredibly rewarding because of the people I work with. I wouldn’t have my mornings any other way.

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