These Are the 3 Superfoods You're About to See Everywhere

Dacy Knight

From turmeric to tiger nuts, 2016 witnessed a whole new lineup of superfoods to compete with kitchen staples like quinoa and kale. But as we head into the New Year, the next generation of superfoods are ready to take over—getting buzzed about in the health sphere and soon to fly off the shelves. To determine the new set of superfoods we're about to see everywhere in 2017, Body and Soul tapped nutritionist Steph Lowe to share her predictions. While destined to become household names, the ingredients to make the hot list for the New Year are ones you've possibly never heard of. We've highlighted some of Lowe's top picks below to keep on your radar.

Diatomaceous earth. Say again? Better understood as fossil shell powder, this all-natural agent can be taken with a smoothie or mixed in with a glass of water for a full-body detox to absorb harmful toxins and even kill parasites.

Green banana flour. While probiotics had their heyday in 2016, this prebiotic will be taking over this year. Add this to your diet to balance gut bacteria and improve digestion. The 5-hydroxytryptophan levels it boasts can also help to level out your mood and improve sleep.

Blue green algae. Anti-inflammatories will continue to be a focus for wellness-seekers in 2017, and blue green algae is the latest to add to the list. Consumed either as a capsule or powder, this superfood provides immune system support, decreases triglyceride levels, and protects against oxidative stress.

Let us know which superfood you're most excited about trying out in the New Year and shop Eat Clean with Superfoods ($25).

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