The Secret to Scrumptious Homemade Lox

Genevieve Fish

We’ve had our fair share of delicious lox and bagels for breakfast. New York’s classic Russ & Daughters “the works” might just be our favourite. But this video inspired us to give our weekend favourite a try right at home. Imagine the reaction when you whip this up for your partner or family. Add capers, lemon, tomatoes, and onion for the full monty, or keep it simple and let the lox be the star. Either way, this recipe is so easy and tasty it would be a crime not to give it a go! But remember, the longer you marinate, the saltier the salmon…

Style your lox to perfection with a cutting board from Mined

Are you a smoked-salmon connoisseur? Share the best bagel-and-lox combo you’ve ever had below!

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