A Top Food Blogger Shares 6 Items Every Home Kitchen Needs

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Whether you’re an experienced home cook, or a culinary novice, ensuring your kitchen is equipped with the essential items is key. We asked food enthusiast Lorraine Elliott from renowned Australian blog, Not Quite Nigella, to share with us her list of must-have home kitchen items that she just can’t live without. 

A good knife or knives. That means sharpening it regularly either by yourself or taking it to a knife/kitchen specialist store (admittedly, I do the latter). You are much less likely to cut yourself if you are using a sharp knife. I mainly use two types: a chef's knife and a small paring knife. I prefer Japanese knives, but there is a knife to suit every person and preference.

A blender or processor. Knife skills aren't my strong point, so I tend to put things into a chopper. This saves a lot of time, especially if you are making things that require fine chopping or slicing.

Thermometer. Okay, this isn't strictly necessary... but if you love cooking you'll probably have lots of fun and an actual need for an infrared thermometer, especially if you get into candy or chocolate making. I cannot keep this out of my husband's hands and it means that you can tell the temperature of a food without it touching it.

Spatulas. I'm obsessed with spatulas and have too many of them. While I don't really use silicon bakeware for baking, I do love silicon spatulas. Some have a recessed scoop in them, some are thinner and more flexible, others are more slender in width, some are thick and stiff. They all have a use.

Cast iron pot or copper pots. I love them for different reasons. My cast iron pot is just so versatile. I can stick it in the oven and it can go from stove top to oven to table and it looks gorgeous on a table too. I love copper pots because they have great heat conduction, which is important when making things like candies and sugar confections.

Peeler. I usually try to leave the skin on vegetables and give them a good scrub with a vegetable scrubber, but sometimes you need to peel things like lemons to use the rind. A good peeler doesn't peel too much off, just the thinnest layer, so if you're peeling lemons you just get the rind and not the bitter pith. Likewise if you do choose to peel vegetables, you won't peel off too much of the vegetable, which can be a waste.

Shop our selection of Elliott's must-have recommendations below.

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