9 Home Decor Trends We Should All Ditch in 2019

Gabrielle Savoie

No matter how excited we can get about a rising new home décor trend, chances are we'll have had enough of it within a few short months. The cyclical nature of trends (and their rapid proliferation across all retail stores and homes) proves that too much of a good thing really can be too much. It's not that we don't like the classic nature of a good subway tile or the cosy texture of an original Beni Ourain rug—but rather, we're ready for a break. Moreover, we're already excited about the next big trends coming our way in 2019.

Yes, these trends will likely come and go also, but the great thing about trends is that each of them has the capacity to capture our interest far beyond their flash-in-the-pan popularity. Some people will never tire of white marble or classic brass fixtures—despite their oversaturation in the market in recent years. Ready to find out which trends we're ready to retire and what we're excited about instead? These are the nine décor trends we should ditch in 2019 (and what we should replace them with). 

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