15 Décor Tips We Learned From Our Instagram Feed

Carson Olivares

Here at MyDomaine Australia HQ, we're regularly scouting the latest designer projects, celebrity renovations, and insider-approved decorating tips. But if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that sometimes the best sources of inspiration are right in front of you. Whether that's the nook in your go-to corner cafe, a coffee table book you've had for years, or (as in our case) your community of like-minded design lovers on your Instagram feed.

To prove that theory, we thought it necessary to highlight the relentless interior inspiration we're constantly getting from you, our readers. Keep scrolling to see the 15 décor tips we learned from our Instagram feed.

Work in prints to give a neutral colour palette some oomph.

Mix textiles to make a little nook cosy.


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Stack books of inspiration in open spaces for a designer's touch.


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Set the tone of your home with an entryway console styled to perfection.

Personalise your space with an eclectic gallery wall featuring different styles of art and frames.


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Go dark for a striking powder room.


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Soften kitchen floors with a runner.


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"Remodel" your bathroom with an upgrade in hardware.


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Breathe new life into your home by bringing the outdoors in.


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Mix and match your glassware for a vintage-inspired look.


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Swap your armchair for a bohemian hanging chair instead.

Add in natural elements like warm woods or wicker for a relaxed space.


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Embrace the ornate for a French-inspired room.


A post shared by Marissa Cox (@ruerodier) on

Balance function and design with industrial lighting.


A post shared by Amy Kim | Homey Oh My (@homeyohmy) on

When in doubt, count on a well-stocked bar cart to fill an empty space.

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