The Home Décor Trend That's About to Be Huge, According to Pinterest

Gabrielle Savoie

Just as Vogue has been the bible of fashion aficionados for the last century, Pantone has been the single authority for all things colour. But there’s one challenger vying for the title: Pinterest.

While it might seem audacious to go up against Pantone, who distills and communicates the colour trends from the couture runways for mass ready-to-wear products, Pinterest pulls from the consumers themselves. The team at everyone’s favourite social mood board is able to identify the dominant colour for every image uploaded and shared in its database, which now tallies up to 50 billion pins. With 70 million users clicking like on said images, it’s safe to say that Pinterest has got the majority vote.

So, when it comes to interiors, what’s the social media site’s top colour prediction for 2016? Not mint, or black, or white, but grey. The muted colour saw a 20% increase in interior pins over the past year, becoming the most common colour in the home décor category (with mauve quickly following in second, with a 70% increase in pins). We think the rise of Scandinavian minimalism might have had a little something to do with it. Whether you love the neutrals or you’re ready to balance out your brights, take a glimpse at how to incorporate the colour into your living space now. Who knows? Perhaps your room will be trending on Pinterest next.

What do you think of the colour grey in interiors? Is it too cool or just right?

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