Inside this Jewellery Designer's 70s-Inspired Sunshine Coast Home

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Holly Ryan

If we only had two words to describe Holly Ryan’s Sunshine Coast home, we would use effortlessly cool. They would also be the words we’d use to describe the cult jewellery designer’s sought-after collection, which has become a staple accessory for every It-girl in the country since launching back in 2011.

Located in the quaint surf town and Ryan’s hometown of Coolum, the minimal, mid-century modern designed home is filled with 70s-inspired furnishings, and to say it oozes style would be an understatement—much like the Queensland local herself. “I like to keep things as simple as possible—German designer Dieter Rams one said that 'good design is as little design as possible' and I think that has been my mantra with this space,” says Ryan. Scroll down and take a tour through the beachside abode.


Holly Ryan

MYDOMAINE: Where is the house located?

HOLLY RYAN: Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

MD: What is the street like?

HR: It is a very quiet, narrow, one-way street at the top of a hill in Coolum. It is very leafy and has ocean views to the right and beautiful western facing views to the left, which is perfect for watching the sun set over the mountains and there are often kangaroos hopping around.

MD: What do you love about the area?

HR: It is a quiet little surf town, with some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches on the east coast of Australia.

MD: How many years have you lived here?

HR: I moved into this house beginning of this year after living in Brisbane for 10 years, but Coolum Beach is my home town, I grew up here.

Le Corbusier Leather Sling Chair ($466)


Holly Ryan

MD: What attracted you to the house and ultimately made you fall in love with it and buy/rent it?

HR: I have always loved this street and dreamed of living here so when my place became available and I realised I would be able to see the ocean from the comfort of my bed, I was sold. 

MD: How would you describe the style of the home?

HR: It's a typically modernist structure of brick and timber with 70s accents, it has a very minimal feel to it. It's old but has a cool and calm vibe because of its position and views.

MD: When you walk into your house what feelings does it evoke?

HR: It is absolutely flooded with natural light so it feels very open and relaxed. I always feel calmer the moment I walk through my front door and look straight at the ocean.


Holly Ryan

MD: Are there lots of colours or art works?

HR: The colour palette is very subdued and I do feature quite a few artworks but I don't have very loud taste in terms of colour. The artworks I have mostly feature natural colours.

MD: How many rooms?

HR: There are two bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen, two living rooms, two outdoor entertaining areas, a pool and a yard. I live alone with my dog so it is quite a lot for room for us.

MD: What sort of home is yours – for example is it an entertaining type of house, where you have friends over for dinner parties or is it more of your sanctuary where you get away?

HR: It serves as both. I love to entertain when I have the time, but due to the nature of my business, I generally work very long hours and tend to opt for time alone at home.

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Holly Ryan

MD: Do you have a favourite room in the house? And why?

HR: The living room or my bedroom. Both are filled with bright natural light and have views of the ocean. The spaces are large and I have kept the furniture limited so they both feel very open and peaceful.

MD: What has influenced the design style and decorating of the house? Or what is the inspiration behind it?

HR: I have always loved 70s minimalism and mid-century modern design and I like to keep things as simple as possible. German designer Dieter Rams one said that "good design is as little design as possible" and I think that has been my mantra with this space. I didn't want to overcrowd it, but instead fill it with meaningful pieces which are true to my style. However, there is plenty more to add to this space, I am only just getting started with it.


Holly Ryan

MD: What do you love most about this house?

HR: Its proximity to the ocean, the views, the natural light, and the freedom it allows me to enjoy within my busy lifestyle.

MD: What is your favourite piece/s in the home?

HR: A pair of Le Corbusier black leather sling chairs and two original artworks created for me by Danish artist, Christiane Spangsberg.

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