Time Management Secrets from a Fashion PR Director With a 2-Year-Old

Lauren Powell
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For successful working mothers, it’s a never-ending juggle to master a manageable work-life balance. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by first-hand advice and insights from other woman on the same journey.

A key candidate for this is managing director and founder of Golightly PR, Holly Garber. The Grace Tales recently spoke with Garber who revealed how she manages her brimming schedule split between her successful 10-year old business, her relationship and their adorable 22-month old daughter, Violet. Read on for the secrets to Garber’s success.

On being punctual

“I’m a punctual person and so is my partner Huw. We are the type of people to get to the airport a good 45 minutes early. So we naturally tend towards keeping things running on time. Having a toddler can make that slightly trickier than normal but I just work the extra time needed to do whatever needs to be done with Violet into my plan, such as adding 20 minutes to everything!”

On being efficient

“I work to a schedule, but it doesn’t feel overly tight most of the time. I work four days a week in the office and will do a little extra work at night if I need to. I’m focused when I’m in the office and I’m a relatively decisive person, so I get through much of what needs to be done each day and make sure things don’t mount up too much.”

On the importance of routine and communication

“Both Huw and I are structured people who like to feel organised so we have a relatively set routine for how things run in our family on a weekly basis. We also maintain a common calendar so that any events or things out of the normal routine are shared in there to make it easy to manage. That means that we both know what is going on any given day, what is happening with Violet and where we need to be.”

To read the full interview with Garber, head to The Grace Tales.

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