The 4 Easy Tricks to Remember When You're Looking to Score Holiday Travel Deals

Kelly Dawson

It's no secret that travel requires flexibility. A new city, a different language, a foreign menu, and all of the unexpected ins-and-outs of moving from one place to another force a certain nimble attitude so that a traveller's mind is free to expand rather than explode. But it's probably a good idea to be just as flexible about jet-setting before you arrive somewhere else, too—especially if you're on the hunt for holiday travel deals.

"During peak travel periods like summer and the holidays, far more people want to fly than during other times of year, but airlines don't have aeroplanes sitting in reserve to meet that increase in demand," Scott Keyes, co-founder of Scott's Cheap Flights, says. "As a result, ticket prices go up."

Usually, expensive airfare means less money to go around for actual experiences. And if your travel budget took a hit over the holidays, perhaps it's time to start planning now for the places you want to see this summer. Scott says that the best way to avoid a pricey flight is to book as early as possible. The rule to remember? Book summer trips in the winter and winter trips in the summer, he says.

"The best way to still get cheap flights in spite of the challenge is to be flexible and book early," Keyes continues. "Instead of setting your heart on one location and praying for cheap fares there, being flexible about where you go lets the availability of cheap flights drive your decision-making. For instance, maybe summer flights to Rome are expensive, but you just checked and found some cheap fares to Copenhagen. Grabbing the Denmark flight instead of Rome is the way to go."

We asked Keyes to elaborate on scoring holiday travel deals with five easy tricks to keep in mind. Although there's no such thing as reoccurring holiday deals, tips like these—as well as signing up for flight alerts on Scott's Cheap Flights, Google Flights, or Kayak—will help you hone a flexible travel mindset where ever you may be.

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