11 Holiday Party Ideas to Consider If You Actually Want Guests to Have Fun

Kelly Dawson

The holiday season is a notorious time for parties, but if we're being honest, sometimes the occasions can feel monotonous. Since everyone is likely attending multiple parties at this time of year, which all usually have the same sort of vibe, it's hard for one shindig to stand out from the rest. When you're a host, that's not what you want to happen.

If you're thinking about hosting a holiday party this year, plan to go a little outside of the box. Not only will it make you feel more creative, but your guests are also more likely to remember your effort. We came up with 11 different holiday party ideas ranging from the silly to sophisticated. You can ask your friends to dress up for a costume party featuring their favourite movie characters, for instance, or you can throw a dinner party that would make Nora Ephron proud.

Whatever you choose, don't be afraid to go all out. This is your chance to make your party a lasting holiday memory—and maybe an ongoing tradition, too.

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