Add This Foodie-Approved Appetizer to Your Holiday Menu ASAP

If you're hosting at least one event this holiday season, you're probably already planning the perfect menu filled with signature dishes to serve up to friends and family. However, when it comes to holiday entertaining, the best kind of homemade bites are the ones that taste gourmet but are shockingly easy to prepare before your guests arrive.

That's exactly what lifestyle blogger Camille Styles loves about her own festive appetizer recipe for burrata toasts with caramelised walnuts and mint-pomegranate pesto. While the finished product sounds and looks like quite the culinary feat, it's incredibly simple to make, especially if you prep the ingredients in advance. In fact, it will only set you back about 30 minutes in the kitchen, leaving you with plenty of time to tend to more important things, like spending quality time with your guests.

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