3 Science-Backed Hobbies to Adopt Now for a Higher IQ Later

Kelsey Clark

The point of a hobby is to relax and do something you enjoy—give your brain a vacation, so to speak. But what if you could have the best of both worlds: A hobby that's enjoyable, but also works toward a greater goal? Quora users recently discussed this exact question, with user Max Lukominskyi providing a list of proven hobbies that double as intelligence-boosters. 

Writing tops Lukominskyi's list, mainly due to the fact that "writing requires creativity persistence, and commitment. This is what actually makes your brain work." he reasons. His sentiment is supported by a study published in the journal Psychological Science, which found that writing, specifically by hand, helps you to comprehend and learn more information in the long run.

Working out places second on his list, which may seem like a baseless claim. But on the contrary, a 2013 study from Harvard Medical School found that aerobic exercise actually releases a molecule in the brain called irisin, which improves cognitive function and protects the brain against degeneration.

Finally, Lukominskyi includes what he terms "obsession" on his list, referring to the state of becoming interested in new thoughts or ideas—an idea that Harvard Business Review supports. "People with higher curiosity quotient are more inquisitive and open to new experiences," they write. "Knowledge and expertise, much like experience, translate complex situations into familiar ones, so [curiosity] is the ultimate tool to produce simple solutions for complex problems."

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