Finally, the Mirror You've Been Seeing Everywhere Has Dropped at H&M for $30

Nicole Singh


There are a plethora of amazing interior items that regularly make their way onto my wish list. But a little more rare, are the “unicorn” items that not only find popularity among the décor devout, but gain a mass cult following due to their impeccable design, and affordable price tag. Kmart Australia have earned a prestigious reputation for creating these items, and now, it looks like H&M Home has provided them with some serious competition.

Recently, a quick scroll I took through the latest range proved very dangerous, with everything from Scandi-inspired tableware, to cashmere robes all being on offer at justifiable prices, making everyday life just a little more chic. But the one item I couldn’t stop thinking about was their metal round wall mirror, which will only set you back $30—much cheaper than any Saturday brunch.

You’ve probably seen round mirrors everywhere this season, and what makes them so popular, is not only the size, but also their ability to easily make any small room look a little bigger. What’s also great about this mirror is the metal detail—it instantly adds a touch of opulence paired with a modern art-deco feel.

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