If You Love The Crown, Add These 15 Historical Dramas to Your Watch List Stat



Between the lavish costumes, the impeccably styled sets, and the engrossing plots, historical dramas are, hands down, the best dramas. Sure, they might forgo factual accuracy, take political intrigue at face value, and occasionally showcase soap opera–level acting for the sake of piquing our interest, but as long as quality period dramas like The Crown are streaming, we'll stand by our endorsement.

Seeing as we're impatiently awaiting the return of the aforementioned Netflix original series, we went in search of historical dramas to binge-watch while we wait. Spanning a popular period piece set against the backdrop of war-torn Morocco in the 1920s to a telenovela based on the life of a famous salsa singer set in 1950s Cuba, there are plenty of watch list–worthy series to stream until Olivia Colman takes over for Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in season three of The Crown.

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