5 Things to Talk About Today

Julia Millay Walsh
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her 2016 presidential bid on Sunday. Without an incumbent, it could be the first time a woman captures a major party's nomination. — The New York Times
  • Mary Kay Letourneau joined Barbara Walters on 20/20 for an exclusive interview. The former teacher explains how her affair with her 12-year-old student (and future husband) began. — ABC News
  • Michael Bolton joined John Olive on Last Week Tonight to serenade the I.R.S. The song was a sympathetic tribute to "America's most hated government agency." — The Wrap
  • Rebel Wilson criticised Victoria's Secret at the MTV Music Awards. Dressed in angel wings, a bedazzeled bra, and leggings that read "THINK", she urged girls to reconsider their role models. — Cosmopolitan
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is living off foodstamps this week. But critics are saying what she bought for $29 is completely unrealistic. — Business Insider

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