Hillary Clinton's New Memoir Is a Must-Read Before Her Australian Tour

Nicole Singh

Taylr Anne

When it comes to women and shattering glass ceilings, Hillary Clinton has long stood at the front line of the fight for equality with nearly 40 years' of political experience to her name. Which is why we are so excited by the news that she will be touring Australia and New Zealand between May 7 - May 11. As part of her tour, An Evening With Hillary Rodham Clinton, it is believed that Clinton will be sharing about key moments from her latest memoir, What Happened, while also discussing what she is planning for the future. The tour is being facilitated by The Growth Faculty, which is where you can also buy tickets. While they aren't cheap, ranging from $195 - $495, in our minds the best way to incite change as women is to not only hear from those who have pioneered the way before us, but also sit in company with those who will continue to do so in the future. 

It's been over a year since the U.S. election that seemingly polarised the globe, and in her memoir Clinton delivers both an honest and candid explanation of her campaign, so we can only imagine what sitting in a room with her would be like! We suggest knuckling down, and reading every last word before attending what is sure to be an inspirational evening. 

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