This Is How a Nike Master Trainer Spends 15 Minutes at the Gym

Sophie Miura

Finding the time to squeeze a gym session into your day can be a challenge, so when you get there, you want to make every minute count. If your go-to exercise is to hit the treadmill, personal trainers say you're probably squandering your time. "Running or jogging is actually not the smartest method to creating your fittest self," ModelFit trainer Sam Garcia tells MyDomaine Australia. "In 15 minutes, you can do a full-body workout that is more sustainable."

Apparently, high-intensity interval training is a smarter way to maximise your gym session. "To maximise calorie burn, you want to focus on short, hard intervals where you push your heart rate into an anaerobic training zone," says Nike master trainer Kirsty Godso. "This type of training will increase your EPOC effect (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which is when your body has to work much harder to restore its resting metabolic function. Training this way can result in your body continuing to burn calories for extended hours after your workout." Yes, these routines prompt your body to keep working, even after you've left the gym.

Got 15 minutes? This is exactly how to maximise your next workout, according to two leading trainers.

Workout 1
EMOM and Drop Sets


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How do you make the most of 15 minutes at the gym? 

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