The Hidden Health Benefits of Taking a Day Off Work


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Let's face it: the idea of taking a sick day from work to recharge is always a tempting prospect. Despite being just an eight-hour stretch, one day at home from work can reap endless possibilities: there's all that pantry re-organising and online shopping that hasn't been done. And with any luck, by the time the day is up, you'll leave no Netflix category un-watched. 

But while taking a day to yourself with no sign of the sniffles may be something your work won't approve of, they might be a little more understanding once they take into account the potential impact it has on your overall continuing health, Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan explained to Huffington Post Australia

"If someone needs a day to assist them in managing stress, dealing with personal issues and so forth, then I think occasionally taking a day for themselves [should not only be allowed] but that most reasonable employers would understand that's part of maintaining a healthy happy life," says Quinlan.

In the same way you feel a little sloth-like physically, the same can happen mentally and in order to counter it, having space to take stock is just as important. While an 'unnecessary' sickie may seem self-indulgent, Quinlan points out that there are wider benefits to a day off than just being able to get through seven seasons of Friends

"People who are able to look after themselves—so, for instance, those with flexible working arrangements, where possible, or who are able to effectively balance work life and family life— tend to be more productive and healthy and happy employees," explains Quinlan. 

And while it's not OK to pop your out-of-office on regularly, one day out a few times a year may be the ticket to maintaining better health long-term (which means less actual sick days: this is the point to highlight to your boss).

"Sometimes that day off will be enough just to reset and get people up on track."

For more reasons why you should take a day off work, head to Huffington Post Australia and get ideas about making the most of your work-break here


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