This Australian Influencer Gave Us a Tour of Her Chic Terrace Home

We love peeking inside the homes of Australia's most stylish women. Looking at how women with different lives style their most intimate and important interior spaces can't help but leave you feeling inspired and eager to implement their styling hacks in your own home.

So, we asked three Australian creative influencers—whose fashion sense has garnered each an army of followers—to throw open their front doors and give us a tour of their homes. The beauty of our three-part Her Domain video series in partnership with ECOYA is that each of the featured women have very different styles, which have informed their approaches to decorating very different homes—there's something for everyone here. 

For the first instalment of our series, Ally May Hayward from our own INF / Network, walked us through the chic, inner-city terrace she calls home, telling us about her favourite rooms, the feeling she has created in each space, and what "coming home" means to her. 

A fashion blogger and creative, Hayward's terrace is styled with mid-century inspired furniture, cleverly repurposed items (that Samantha Wills jewellery box as a laptop stand is genius), and artistic touches. The way she's maximised otherwise "dead" spaces is also inspiring—a lesson in making small properties feel spacious, interesting, and inviting.

Keep scrolling to watch the home tour and to discover the best home styling tips we learned from her space.



"I haven't bought a bookcase but I kind of like [the books] free-form on the ground. I love this space because it was—given that the staircase is here—a little 'nothing' space. I was thinking, 'What can I do? What can I have here?' It's just perfect for a nice little Sunday afternoon with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, to read a book and just relax."
"Creating a space where you know you can work, and it's a really good environment, is so important. This box was a Samantha Wills box that came with an incredible necklace. I just use this now to elevate my laptop, because otherwise I'm just the Hunchback of Notre Dame at my laptop all day!"
"I've styled [the bedroom] in a pretty minimal fashion. Just because I like it to be clutter free, I think it's so important to get a good night's sleep. Linen is my thing that I spend my money on."

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