5 Healthy Snack Recipes to Curb Your Afternoon Sugar Craving

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

We’re all far too familiar with that 3pm sugar craving where we reach into our draw in the hope that we'll find a delicious snack in there—and we’ll take anything! But 2016 is the year we get organised and smart with our food options—especially when it comes to snacking. So we’ve found 5 delectable snack recipes that are simple, satisfying, and PT-approved that will save you each afternoon, again and again. Scroll down to curb the post-lunch slump once and for all.  

Apple and Cinnamon Cookie


Courtesy of the The Healthy Chef

These healthy cookies are made with rolled oats, hazelnut, vanilla, and muscatel with a touch of apple and macadamia nut oil—delicious! The oats will keep you full for longer and apple will curb your sugar craving making for the perfect arvo pick-me-up. Option: make them gluten free by using rolled quinoa in place of the oats. These compact and sturdy treats can be taken anywhere for snacks on the go.

Pumpkin-Spice Granola Bark


Courtesy of I Quit Sugar

This sugar-free snack—granola and almond butter bark recipes combined—will keep you satisfied for hours. Nutty, spicy, and sweet all-in-one, this recipe is what afternoon snack dreams are made of. Store in the fridge and enjoy all week long!

Almond & Rosemary Paleo Loaf


Courtesy of Jessica Sepel

A creation from Jessica Sepel’s first book, A Healthy Life, this almond and rosemary loaf is so healthy and tasty, it’s almost too good to be true. To sum it up, Sepel describes her recipe as "Paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and so nutritious. Just about the healthiest and tastiest loaf ever."

Berry Protein Muffins


Courtesy of The Fit Foodie

Tastes like a muffin, but better and healthier—it has to be tried to be believed. This berry protein muffin recipe is gluten-free, refined sugar free, low in carbs, and high in protein—hello, perfect snack! Also excellent for your post-workout fix, too.

Beetroot & Feta Slice


Courtesy of Not Quite Nigella

Yes, you read it correctly—beetroot and fetta slice. This unexpected recipe combination is little bit savoury, a little bit sweet and so nutritious you could eat it for lunch. And it looks as good as it tastes—even better.

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What healthy snacks do you keep in your desk draw for your 3pm cravings? Share with us below!

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