Comfort Foods That Are Also Healthy, According to a Michelin-Starred Chef

Gabrielle Savoie

We all want to stay healthy, even when all we're really craving is a bucket full of carbs. Traditionally, comfort food has not always been associated with healthy food, but one French chef is of the school of thought that you can have the best of both worlds: "To me, the term 'comfort food' applies to any dish with a generous focus on a particular ingredient, from pasta and rice to roast meat," says Chef Antoine Westermann. "Comfort food is food that you can make at home using a wholesome, nutritious recipe that makes you feel loved. It should be shared with others, and it must be generous in quantity so you can have a second helping."

Chef Westermann has three Michelin stars which—in culinary terms—is the equivalent of receiving a lifetime achievement Oscar or a Nobel Prize. The French chef ran the kitchen in multiple restaurants across the pond before opening his latest stateside, New York City's widely acclaimed Le Coq Rico. His background in traditional Alsatian cuisine taught him a thing or two about comfort food—particularly the healthy type. Skipping heavy creams and carbs, he instead focuses on lean poultry and hearty vegetables to create a cuisine that is both comforting and insanely good for you. We tapped the Michelin-starred chef to share his favourite healthy comfort recipes with us. If you can't make it to Le Coq Rico in New York, have it come to you, instead. These Award-winning recipes from Chef Westermann are mouth-wateringly delicious and, best of all, they're easy to make at home. 

Want to enjoy all your favourite comfort food while staying healthy? These sneaky hacks will help.

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