3 Habits of Really Healthy Women That Will Improve Your Life

Sacha Strebe

We all have individual health goals, but with long days in the office now commonplace, followed by long commutes home in traffic, we all have the tendency to fall off the wellness wagon. But what if achieving health and vitality was more about changing your state of mind and less about finding the time for gym? Sometimes, even if you are intentionally working hard to succeed, a few bad habits and negativity can inadvertently set us up for failure. So how do we counteract it? Mind Body Green observed a few habits and attitudes of healthy, fit women that might help.

They Never Miss the First Meal of the Day
It's a pretty common health rule that we are told over and over, but it seems many of us still forget to do this one. Fit women don't. This important meal not only boosts their metabolism but is also the fuel they need to succeed. So what do they eat? Nutritious options such as Greek yogurt with berries, egg whites with spinach, or a veggie juice.

They Don't Skip Sleep
When you skip sleep, you make bad food and lifestyle choices. You're generally pretty cranky and will most likely opt for that oily, salty, or sugary meal over a salad or sandwich. Healthy women know this, so they always make sleep a priority—a full night, too, so they wake up feeling rejuvenated and stress-free, ready to tackle the day ahead. 

They Think of Food as Fuel
It's easy to misunderstand food when there is so much information out there on what to eat and what not to eat. Healthy women have a positive relationship with food because they see it as fuel. They make their choices with this understanding, not based on emotional attachments. They also take pride in the food they eat, as it's the best form of nourishment your body can get.

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