Forget Fad Diets—This Is What Doctors Actually Eat to Stay Healthy

Sophie Miura

Fat-free and low-calorie labels can create a lot of confusion about which foods are actually healthy. Research suggests that no-fat salad dressings cause your body to absorb fewer nutrients, and diet soda could be linked to weight gain, proving we need to look beyond labels to make smart food choices.

To find out what experts fill their shopping carts with, MindBodyGreen tapped a host of doctors and nutrition experts with a simple question: What is the one food you eat for optimal health and weight loss? Their answers show that a healthy diet isn't about deprivation or "diet" drinks; it's about filling your fridge with whole, nutrient-dense foods that will sustain your body throughout the day.

This is exactly what you should eat for optimum health and weight loss, according to the pros.

Ground Flaxseed

"Ground flaxseed helps with weight loss by binding up excess hormones (as an imbalance is a common contributor to weight gain). It also reduces cravings and increases satiation through its high amount of fibre and bulking properties, optimises healthy gut bacteria, and improves the integrity of bowel movements. It's a rich source of over 20 fatty acids and a great source of alpha-lipoic acid, which helps reduce inflammation." — Serena Goldstein, ND

Apple Cider Vinegar

"In my experience, there are benefits for weight loss and cravings control, and evidence shows that it is really good for its glycemic effects, as it lowers blood sugar after meals. I also include it for all of my patients trying to reset their gut microbiome, as it's fermented, which means it has live bacteria that can help build up the good bacteria lining in the GI tract." — Amy Shah, MD


"My favourite food for weight loss is an omelet! Eggs each have about more than 7 grams of protein each, so an omelet has 14 to 21 grams depending on how many eggs you use, plus significant amounts of B12, biotin, and choline, and up to 400 mg of healthy omega-3 fats. Because of this, I think in many ways, eggs are nature's perfect food." — Robin Berzin, MD, founder of Parsley Health

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