6 Things to Do Everyday to Be Happier, Healthier, and More Fit

Kelsey Clark

Your health is not defined by the number on the scale or the diet you're currently trying out—though that's mostly what our Western civilisation values at the expense of mental and emotional health. Here to challenge that notion is Vancouver-based personal trainer and health coach June Thomson, who believes that true health starts with a less image-focused approach. "Being healthy is more than being physically active and/or watching your diet," Thomson told The Huffington Post. She went on to outline the simple life habits all happy, healthy, and physically fit people share—ones that accurately portray her idea of a more holistic, well-rounded approach to health.

First and foremost, Thomson believes that true health starts with balancing the body, mind, and spirit. In addition to a healthy diet and frequent exercise, mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy people also focus on the nature around them, practice mindfulness on a day-to-day basis, introduce healthy, non-toxic products into their home, and prioritise personal values and authenticity over wealth.

"In a society dominated by egos, and success largely defined by wealth, it is crucial that we live out our lives in a way that is true to who we are as people," writes The Huffington Post of her philosophy. "Rather than focusing on material success alone...live a life that reflects [your] values. By doing so, we reduce stress and help forge a life that is fulfilling." 

What would you add to Thomson's list of holistic health tips? Share your recommendations below!

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