The Surprising Carb a Nutritionist Wants You to Eat to Aid Digestion

Dacy Knight

Pretty consistently, carbs get a bad rap. Some diets shun them completely while most others advise only eating them sparingly. And though carbohydrates have been villainised across the board, some nutritionists actually encourage the consumption of carbohydrates to maintain a healthy diet and even to lose weight.

If this sounds bananas, you're not entirely wrong. "Carbs can actually help you burn fats and give you a little flat belly," says registered holistic nutritionist and fitness expert Yuri Elkaim, who spilled his healthy eating tips with SheFinds. "We're not talking about breads, and pastas, and cereals," he clarifies. Instead, he recommends carbs that contain resistant starch, which is known to aid digestion and in turn encourages maintaining a healthy weight. His top pick? Unripe bananas.

Unripe bananas contain less sugar and more resistant starch than the ripe variety we typically seek out. "Resistant starch is food for your good bacteria," Elkaim explains. "Your gut is command central, along with your brain, for pretty much everything in your body." So feeding your gut what it needs to balance its microbiome can significantly transform how you feel on the inside and look on the outside.

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