5 Healthy But Indulgent Breakfasts That Will Keep You Full Until Lunch

Lauren Powell


I don’t know about you, but for me, the struggle is real when it comes to breakfast. Finding my appetite and the perfect combination of a healthy, satisfying, and tasty meal can be a challenge, to say the very least. Are oats the best option? Or is it best to steer clear of carbs altogether and opt for eggs? Or perhaps we should be whipping up a protein or superfood smoothie? But I love toast, is that allowed? Read: Confused.

In light of this confusion, we did what we do best and called in the experts. Enter dietitian and Kellogg’s Senior Nutrition Manager, Dr Gina Levy, who has revealed what we should be reaching for the most important meal of the day. “There are three important components to a balanced breakfast to make sure you are capturing the nutritional opportunity—one serve of healthy grains, one serve of dairy or alternative, and one serve of fruit or protein food,” explain Levy. Scroll on to find out Levy’s five go-to breakfast recipes and make breakfast your favourite meal of the day.

1. Shakshouka eggs—fresh eggs poached in a spicy tomato and capsicum sauce with feta served with toasted sourdough.
2. Sultana Bran brekkie bowl—a creation which my kids and I share with Greek yoghurt, fruit, pepitas and chia seeds.
3. Grainy toast—with ricotta cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, tomato and rocket (don’t forget to drizzle with a mix of lemon and olive oil).

4. Healthy purple thick shake—handful of fresh or frozen berries, ½ a frozen banana,  ½ cup of milk, handful of oats, 2-3 tbls natural Greek yoghurt, and a dash of honey.
5. Granola trifle—my version of a layered parfait with ¼ cup be Natural Coco Nutty Granola, ½ cup natural Greek yoghurt, handful of fresh berries.

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