10 Health and Wellness Trends That Are In (and 5 That Are Out)



Along with changing weather, each new season brings with it new trends—whether it's in the realm of fashion, home décor, or health and wellness. When it comes to fitness, nutrition, and well-being, however, it can be especially difficult to discern which trends are worth embracing and which are better left untouched.

"I think that at the end of the day, the health and wellness trends that will never fade away are the ones that are focused on real, whole aspects of food and lifestyle," Natalie Archer, holistic health coach and plant-based chef, tells MyDomaine. She's not the only expert that believes a balanced approach will never go out of style. Nutritionist Alie Heller explains that the health and wellness trends that will stand the test of time are the ones that aren't actually trends at all. It's more about a moderate approach to eating combined with regular physical activity, according to her.

Just as many fad diets promise quick results with little effort, celebrity trainer Erin Oprea finds the same is true when it comes to exercise. "I educate myself all the time on new trends and, let's face it, there's a lot of stuff out there that isn't backed up by science," she explains. "They sound good, but they don't give long-term health benefits," Oprea continues. 

While these health and wellness experts aren't interested in passing trends when it comes to long-term results, they're not opposed to trying new things. Keep reading to find out their picks for the 10 major health and wellness trends to watch in 2019 (and which fads to say goodbye to). 

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