This Is a MAJOR Move by HBO…

Dana Covit

Watch out, Netflix. There's a new competitor coming for you! Starting today, HBO Now is available for Android and Amazon phones and tablets via the Sling TV app, making all HBO content (so that includes all original television shows and films, as well as whatever other 2000 or so titles are currently playing on HBO) available for just $15 per month.

That means all the Girls, Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and Sex and the City we could ever want, not to mention a plethora of quality movies constantly at our fingertips.

The premium cable channel joined the Sling TV (whose catchphrase is "Take Back TV") lineup back in April, just the latest in the changing tides of how we consume and pay for our screen time. With on-demand entertainment steadily on the rise and quality content available as a perk of subscription (we're looking at you, Transparent!) or for an affordable monthly membership fee (Orange Is the New Black, anyone?), previously exclusive networks like HBO have moved to make their content more readily accessible.

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