Hangover Cures That Actually Work

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No matter how many times we vow to never end up with a hangover ever again, we still seem to end up there time and time again. Throbbing head—tick. Queasy stomach—tick. Wasted weekend—tick. There’s always just too much fun to be had, right?

While there may not be a guaranteed hangover cure (if only!), there are certainly some great measures we can take pre, during and post a night out to reduce the pain—and the wasted hours.

Huffington Post Australia has sourced a long list of expert tips for curing a hangover so we can enjoy a glass of wine (or three) without suffering the consequences. Scroll down to see our top picks just in time for the weekend festivities.

Multivitamins are tiny friends

A common misconception is that dehydration is the only cause of hangovers. But one of the main issues is oxidative stress and inflammation, says Dr. Jason Burke, M.D., an anesthesiologist and founder of the medical clinic Hangover Heaven, which delivers onsite IV treatments for hangover sufferers in Las Vegas.

According to Dr. Burke, oxidative stress is caused by free radicals which trigger inflammation. The solution is antioxidants. 

To help alleviate the damage, Dr. Burke recommends doubling up on multivitamins, or taking antioxidants such as milk thistle, curcumin, acai extract or resveratrol.

For optimal results, take vitamins or antioxidants before drinking. If you forget, you can take them before bed or in the morning. 

Catch up on sleep before going out

It's important to be well-rested before a big night out because when you sleep, your body replenishes antioxidants. 

"Alcohol also disrupts your sleep cycle, so getting some rest the night before will reduce the fatigue you feel after a big night out," Dr. Burke explains. 

Once you get home, stay up an extra 30 to 45 minutes

After a long night out, Dr. Burke recommends staying up for an extra half an hour to 45 minutes. When you're awake, your metabolism is higher, which helps your body process out the alcohol and break down products of alcohol in your system. 

Coffee, coffee, coffee

Caffeine seems to stabilise blood vessel spasms in the brain, says Dr. Burke. "Caffeine is a mainstay of treatment for migraines and cluster headaches," he says. "A number of the pills [that treat] headaches are a combination of caffeine and ibuprofen or similar."

For many more hangover cures and to prep for the weekend, head to Huffington Post Australia.

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