How to Set a Halloween-Themed Table That's Anything But Tacky

Gabrielle Savoie

Throwing a Halloween party is an exciting endeavour—the creative costumes, the punch bowls, and the themed-menu—but drawing the fine line between thematic and tacky décor can make or break your dinner party vibes. While it might be tempting to pick up any stock Halloween decorations at the local party store, we're showing you today that with a bit of imagination and some clever table arrangements, you can set a bone-chilling vibe at the dinner table using only items that you can keep year-round.

Thinking of buying fake cobwebs? We have the coasters for you. Want to scare your guests with a well-placed "surprise"? We know a few tumblers that will do the trick. Looking for the perfect spooky olive dish? We got you. Who says you need to retire your Halloween decorations come November first? Pick up these eerie tabletop accessories for your themed Halloween soirée, and use them all year long. They're that good.

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