This 1-Minute Productivity Hack Will Completely Transform Your Work Day

Nicole Singh


Sure, when it comes to impressive businesswomen like Sophia Amoruso and Emily Weiss, it's easy to be overcome by a desire to be like them. What's difficult, is pinpointing the small steps they took in order to kick big goals on their journey to success. And though you may not be on the fast-track to becoming an entrepreneur yourself, we all have professional goals of some kind, whether they be long-term projects or quick wins. But if, like us, finding the time to develop these career objectives alongside, you know, doing our jobs, seems near impossible (the never-empty inbox struggle is real), it might be worth giving an old-school Japanese productivity hack a try.

Known as kaizen, the technique involves practicing one thing at the same time every day for just one minute. Simple, right? The belief is that while it may take you longer to reach your goal using kaizen, the small time sacrifice of a mere 60 seconds means you are more likely to actually practice the thing you want to get better at, rather than dropping it to the bottom of your to-do list. And sure, it may take you six months to nail it since you'll be growing in micro-steps, but surely that's better than the alternative of never getting there at all.

Our suggestion? Select a sizable target (preferably one that has sat on your to-do list for longer than you would like to acknowledge), and break it up into smaller steps you can action over a period of a few weeks or months. With the kaizen technique in mind, allocate a minute a day towards getting it done, and jot down your progress as you go. And, if you're a reward-driven person—because, aren't we all?—make a note at the end of the month to treat yourself to a gift from your shopping wishlist in celebration. 

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