These 5 Habits Will Bring You Success—and Money!

Sacha Strebe

Are you feeling disgruntled today at how slowly your career is moving, or how little money you have? Well, it's time to stop wishing and start working for it. Success can be yours, if you really want it. To emulate your super-successful icons, it does takes a little effort on your part, though. You can't rely on luck alone, because we're pretty sure that amazing job you've always wanted isn't just going to land in your lap. To get started, there are a few habits you need to mimic; it may take some training, but practice makes perfect. Below are some tips from Inc. Good luck!

1. Be an early riser

Research shows that 44 per cent of wealthy people wake up three hours before going to work, compared with just 3 per cent of those who are not wealthy. Just the simple act of getting up early adds an hour a day to their lives. Imagine how much productive work you can get done early in the morning, with no interruptions or distractions. Or use this extra time to work on setting goals and exploring opportunities.

2. Network

Research says that 79 per cent of wealthy people spend at least five hours a month networking--going to conferences, meeting new clients, attending webinars, meeting for coffee--while only 16 per cent of the nonwealthy do. Spending time with like-minded people allows you to align yourself with others and learn from them. Whom you hang out with determines what you talk about and what you do about it; you can change your career outcome by being with successful people who will teach you, lift you, and support you.

3. Scratch the itch

The most successful people are those who felt an itch and began to scratch it--and from there, they became focused as a laser on what they wanted to achieve until they made it their reality. Follow their determination; ignore the noise and keep your FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Success.

4. Read to learn

According to research, 86 per cent of wealthy people love to read, as opposed to 26 per cent of those who are not wealthy. When you read, make sure you read to learn. Those who achieve wealth and success are constantly in a state of self-improvement; they read to learn and grow. As Dr. Seuss said so well, "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

5. Make a list

To achieve an overarching goal, you need to list what you want to accomplish. The majority of wealthy people create daily to-do lists--81 per cent of them, in fact, compared with 19 per cent of those who are not wealthy. What's more, 67 per cent of wealthy folks actually complete 70 per cent or more of their to-do items every day. They have goals they focus on, and they work hard to achieve them.

To read 7 more of these successful habits, visit Inc.

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