This Doctor Is a Gut Expert—These Are the 3 Foods He Won't Touch

Sophie Miura

When your body is functioning at its best, it's like a finely tuned orchestra—every organ and system work in perfect harmony. But when one small aspect is off-balance, such as your gut health, it can lead to a ton of subtle issues that are hard to trace to the root cause. "Seventy-five million Americans suffer silently from gut distress on a daily basis," Vincent Pedre, MD, author of Happy Gut, tells MyDomaine. "Most people don't consider this to be abnormal because they're numb to the symptoms."

Beyond abdominal pain and constipation, he cautions that there is a host of subtle symptoms that could indicate you have a gut issue. "Fatigue, mental fog, and allergic conditions like an allergy, asthma, or skin rashes are all related to poor gut health," he says. "You have to find the root cause, dig deep, and look under the hood. The gut is the foundation of our health—you have to start there."

Concerned your gut health might be out of whack? We grilled Pedre to find out how to actually know if you have an issue, and, more importantly, what to do about it. If you're ready for a gut-cleanse diet, skip to the end for his one-day meal plan.

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