Oh Dear, Gucci's Latest Décor Collection Is Dangerously Impressive

Nicole Singh


If there's one fashion house that has reached cult-status with this generation, it's undeniably Gucci. But while most of your social circle may own the classic loafers, or sling a statement bag on their shoulders, Today is a very special day for us décor devotees, as the brand has finally launched an interiors line. And we must say, it's every bit as impressive as we imagined it would be. 

Similar to its apparel, Gucci has stuck to its trademark features, including velvet fabrications, embroidered finishes, tassels (we're so here for this), and bold prints like pineapples—only Gucci can pull this off. And what's most surprising is despite how bold each design is, no matter the interior styling of your home, each piece is so out there, that it's bound to work. While items do sit towards the pricey side (as with anything Gucci makes) you're getting quality, so it's definitely worth saving hard for these once-in-a-lifetime type items. We call dibs on the vase. Scroll on to shop some of our favourite pieces. 

Gucci Star Eye Vase ($5145)

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