How to Grow a Herb Garden if You Live in a Tiny Apartment

Lauren Powell

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While we may not all have the delight of outdoor space, growing herbs is still possible for apartment dwellers. There’s nothing quite like cooking with your own home-grown produce, and just because you occupy a smaller abode doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this little luxury. Celebrity landscaper, Charlie Albone, shares his expertise so we can cook with home-grown pride. “Herbs have to be one of the most satisfying and easy to grow plants out there and if you master the simple art of growing them you’ll save yourself money and time at the supermarket,” says Albone. Scroll down to learn how to grow a budding herb garden in a space-challenged apartment.


First, start with free-draining soil as the majority of herbs don't like soggy feet. Growing directly into pots—which is a must for growing in apartments—is a great way to do to this.  

Enrich your soil with compost and organic fertilisers as these will feed your herbs and allow them to hold onto nutrients for strong growth.

When planting your herbs, pick the right spot for the species of plant. For example, rosemary and oregano like full sun whereas coriander, basil and parsley like sun up to about 3pm in the afternoon. Do your research and find out when and where the sun hits your apartment—on both your kitchen sill and on your balcony (if you have one)—and work out which herbs you are best to grow in your space.  For a less sunny locations, opt for coriander, basil and parsley.

Water your herbs well—if you have the desired free-draining soil it will dry out quickly which is great as herbs don't like being waterlogged, but they also don't like it when the soil completely dries out.  Give them a lot to establish and then cut it down to twice a week once the roots have had a chance to spread out.

The best trick to keeping herbs dense and bushy is to keep picking them as this stops them from flowering and going to seed.  

The ideal way to grow plants in an apartment space is by using window boxes if you’re growing them by your kitchen window or over your balcony, and vertical gardens are perfect for an alfresco area (excellent space savers!), but ensure your pots are detachable so they can be brought inside to the kitchen with ease. If you’re choosing to hang planter pots from the roof, ensure the plant is able to get enough light.

Are you growing a herb garden in your apartment? Let us know your tips, and then shop this chic, self-watering herb keeper and start planting! 

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